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TiSO has been on the market for over 26 years as a manufacturer of turnstiles, bollards, blockers and other access control systems.

During these 26 years we have come a long way, overcome many obstacles and barriers, but no matter what, you can buy and use the products of our company.

Our advantages - quality products, high professionalism of employees, transparency, full cycle self-manufacturing area of 21 thousand square meters, 3 international offices in London, Singapore and Dubai, 20 official distributors worldwide and more than 30 000 realized projects in more than 100 countries all over the world.

TiSO has a flexible environment for cooperation. Our company does not just make quality products, but always ready to go beyond the catalog and offer the customer customized solutions, thanks to the full production cycle.

Road blockers and bollards of TiSO successfully pass crash tests and get quality certificates confirming the anti-ram properties of roadblockers and bollards. So when you buy a product by TiSO, you not only protect yourself from unauthorized access, but also from terrorist attacks, which would save the lives of dozens of people.

TiSO manufactures dozens of types of turnstiles, for every taste and color. From the simplest rotary, such as "Star-TS", to high-tech Speed gates, such as our best-seller "Speedblade". TiSO products can be not only part of the security of the workplace and the perimeter, but also a decoration, pleasantly surprising all visitors to the office.

TiSO has been at hundreds of shows, in dozens of countries where our efforts have been appreciated internationally. We gained dozens of partners with whom we cooperate for dozens of years, and who help us in a difficult times. We are very grateful to them for that.

Making Life Safer is not just our company slogan - it is our guiding principle that we strive for in each of our products and our duty that we fulfill. Despite this, this year, the company faced a new challenge - the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was difficult, but the company was able to establish operations, communications and continue to fulfill orders from customers around the world, making life safer.

We continue to maintain our position by investing in further transformation and innovative ways of working.

As in the past, we are investing resources in product development and improvement. All turnstiles, roadblocks and doors are our own development. And we are constantly researching the market and customer needs to offer the best solution.

Thank you for being with us.

  • e-mail: sales@tiso.global
  • Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (67) 553-32-88


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