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TiSO is engaged in manufacturing of physical security devices and systems: all types of turnstiles, pedestrian gates, emergency door, passageway blocking systems and anti-ramming devices.

Our companies has providing an integral security system for Ukrainian nuclear power plants for many years. Our turnstiles and STERN access control system have been installed and used at Ukrainian nuclear power plants (including Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe) since 2002.

We offer unique and incomparable solutions to the world market due to this experience. The level of security requirements for such strategic sites as nuclear power plants ensures the highest quality and functionality of our hardware and software. It can be said that demands of Ukrainian and International regulatory bodies for NPP security are the most strict in the field of access control (even higher than at military facilities).

So, if you, for example, obtain a turnstile for office building you will get a unique product that is designed and manufactured subject to experience of implementation of one of the most complex projects in the field of access control.

Our equipment successfully functioning in 50 countries: Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, UAE, Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Russia, Malta, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Angola, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Tanzania, Tunisia, Estonia.

During existence of group of companies we have served dozens of clients, many of whom have become our dealer and succeed with us.

All products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards and meet all modern quality, safety, design and usability requirements.

Continuous and successful experience during the exploitation, elegant exterior and affordable price of our products work up the market day by day. Flexibility of production and creativity of our staff is more than enough to make stunning embodiment of your original designs.

Responsibility and energy efficiency

As a socially responsible company we strictly control our own manufacture on the environment impact. We strive for wasteless production and all wastes are sorted and recycled.

Furthermore, we constantly work on improvement of energy efficiency of our products. Special "waiting" and power down modes when equipment is not used are used in our turnstiles. Due to this, cost effective operation and maintenance are achieved.

Design bureau

Experimental design bureau enables to perform any customer's preferences as well as keep pace with time to update existing models and manufacture new models. Hundreds of turnstile models and modifications have been manufactured during existence of the company apart from orders with specific dimensions or configuration!


Only materials of the highest quality (metal, wood, glass and even stones) from reliable suppliers are used in the manufacture. Due to this not only all possible configurations are available for our clients, but they can also be assured of high quality of the whole product and its separate parts.


Our production site is 16 000 square meters. We have metal, glass workshops, assembly workshop and all other required production capacities. Our production site produces turnstiles, doors, gates and architectural constructions. Our effective and thought out production site, guarantees best prices for our customers and flexible approach to each client.


Manufacturing capacity of the plant enables to produce five thousand doors and more than thousand turnstiles per month. Furthermore, on average 10% of custom and optional orders are made on average.

A large number of high technology machine tools providing all kinds of metal, glass and wood treatment are used. Two advanced and unique laser metalcutters was installed in 2012. They enable to achieve less than 0.1 mm accuracy during metal cutting.

Due to continuous investments to our company, we can afford significant manufacture renovation and updating the whole product range. In this way we maintain our competitiveness in the global market, and every year is strengthening our positions on it.


There is a storage program due to which we can guarantee supply of popular models of our products in the shortest possible time.

Flexible price policy provides multilevel pricing for all our clients. Self dependent implementation of all development stages, manufacturing and sale of our products allows us to offer one of the best prices on the world market.

Warranty and post-warranty service

From 2 to 10 years warranty is provided for the whole range of our products.

Technical support of our company is ready to respond quickly to all requests of our clients. And availability of spare parts will enable to perform repair in the shortest possible time.


Reliability of our company as a long-term partner is evidenced by our continued participation in major international security shows: IFSEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom – since 2006; Security, Kiev, Ukraine – since 1995; INTERSEC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - since 2012.

  • e-mail: sales@tiso.global
  • Office: 72 Yamska str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Production site: 14 Promyslova str., 02088, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (44) 291-21-11

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