Tripod turnstiles of European manufacturing TiSO

Tripod turnstile - consists of a hub and three pods that attached to a stable body. Ease of use, compactness and reliability have made tripods quite popular. They are installed in the lobbies of educational institutions, enterprises, office centres and other facilities.

Tripod turnstiles are designed to control and restrict people's access to the territory. The customer chooses the control method: ACS, QR and barcode scanning, face and fingerprint recognition, etc.


The tripod turnstile is the simplest type of turnstile. The small dimensions of these devices make it possible to place them in narrow corridors (SKULL model is wall tripod, for example). At the same time, their durability and operational reliability make them the best choice for schools, universities, factories and other high-traffic areas.

How the tripods work in standard and emergency modes:

1. All TiSO tripods are equipped with a servodrive - a system that provides automatic rotation of the hub in the passage mode and reliable fixation in the locked mode, resistance to physical impact and attempts to forcefully turn the hub with pods.

2. While the "anti-panic" mode turned on, the turnstile pods is automatically lowered, so the passage area opens completely, and people can be evacuated easily in case of emergency. The electromechanical tripod turnstile switches to the "anti-panic" mode by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel, or by signalling the ACS system or fire alarm to the corresponding input of the turnstile controller.

3. The standard logic of the device operation in case of power outage is switching to the "anti-panic" mode.

In addition to the five standard tripod models, TiSO produces two specialised versions:

- Transport turnstile, designed for integration into public transport installed with payment systems;

- Twix All-in-one model, designed to work with ticketing systems.

The design of the devices' housings allows for the production of outdoor turnstiles with a protection class of up to IP65.


Tripod turnstiles reliably perform their functions:

1. Control is carried out by the built-in ACS system. The reader is placed under a dark top-glass which is resistant to damage.

2. Safe evacuation is ensured by the "anti-panic" mode, which is triggered by the fire safety system, by pressing a button at the security post, by the control panel or by the TWiC wireless system.

3. Access restriction, protection against unauthorised entry and damage is ensured by reliable automation and a stainless steel casing.

4. System status indication is provided by intuitive RGB LED colour signals: red passage - access is closed, green passage - access is allowed, blue - standby mode.


To purchase a turnstile by TiSO you should follow several stages. This is necessary in order to satisfy the customer's needs in the best way:

- The customer sends a request via chat on the website, e-mail or phone.

- A manager contacts the customer to clarify the detailes.

- After discussion and agreement the final order could be placed and the total cost determined.

- Production of the equipment begins.

- Completed order is ready to be delivered to the client.

Tripod turnstiles are delivered to customers fully equipped, ready for installation and further operation. The price depends on the chosen model, housing material and availability of additional options. Our managers will provide all the necessary and help you make the best choice.

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