Additional equipment of European manufacturing

TiSO company manufactures a variety of accessories for turnstiles, which may be required for equipping access area. You can order the following devices:
- TWIC wireless control panel for remote control of turnstiles and road blockers;
- Emergency exit gate – to be used in as part of turnstile for arrangement of access with dimensional articles or evacuation in case of emergency;
- Emergency gate – provides free access during evacuation;
- Emergency exit door – to be installed next to full-height turnstiles, provides free access in emergency situations and emergency exit upon power failure;
- Mobile platform – provides rapid relocation of tripod turnstile to the place of provisional application;
- Guardrails (with and without glass);
- Optional equipment (standard and semicircular railing, card reader racks);
- Card reader racks – these turnstile accessories are designed for installation of access control readers.

All our turnstile associated products can be made in any RAL color. Optionally products are made from brushed stainless steel of "satin" type. To obtain the turnstile accessories please see the contact details indicated on the website.

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  • Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (67) 553-32-88


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