Contemporary swing gates are the simplest and most affordable way to restrict access. These turnstiles are perfectly suitable for arrangement of access in shops, supermarkets, banks, administrative facilities, railway stations, access control points of enterprises and other facilities due to high traffic flow capacity, friendliness and ease of use. Stylish design easily complies with interior of any building.

Our company manufactures two modifications of swing gates:
- Gate-GS (with solid glass leaf);
- Gate-TS (with flag-shape blade of stainless steel tubing).

The offered swing gates are equipped with servo-actuator, controlled by control system or manually. Principle of operation of this turnstile type is based on the device locking the leaf in initial position. In case of access permission command actuator rotates the flag-shape blade to 90˚ and returns to its initial position when access is completed. Swing gate is easy-to-use and space-saving. Its kit includes a backup power supply. When the turnstile is deenergized it is not locked and access is free.

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