Express Corporate Park, Delhi, India - TiSO Turnstiles
New reference - Express Corporate Park, Delhi, India. There was installation 4 lanes of combined Sweeper.

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Project details:
- 4 lanes of combined SWEEPER pedestrian security gates;
- Traffic capacity: 2 500 – 3 000 passages per day.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work together with our partners for India region - NEPTUNE AUTOMATIC PVT. LTD.

TiSO representatives got a chance to be confident about recommendation of Neptune company as incredibly professional, qualified, experienced, and well trained professionals for access control systems integrations.

We would like to outline outstanding post turnstiles installation support of end customer which has been provided by Neptune team and witnessed by TiSO service engineer Mr. Cvetancho Alchev. Such kind of service maintenance and installation supervision events are useful to strengthen ties between partners and share valuable experience.

Sweeper, Express Corporate Park, Delhi, India
Sweeper, Hotel Express Corporate Park, Delhi, India

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