TiSO at PSSA Interact Event 2020 - TiSO Turnstiles
TiSO at PSSA Interact Event 2020

On 29 & 30 January were held PSSA Interact Event 2020 which was a 2 day event for PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association) members.

The event provided an opportunity for members to hear and meet with various industry speakers to discuss how we can better protect people and property. The event was a resounding success with over 100 people attending which included speakers from both the UK and the USA.

Some of the topics covered over the 2 days were:
- Temporary barrier deployment.
- Consideration for barriers at events.
- The US security barrier market.
- American testing labs.

All the speakers gave very informative presentations which raised lots of questions from the attendees. The 2nd day which covered the US market, entering the US market and US product testing was particularly interesting as it provided a good insight into how to penetrate this market.

Overall it was an excellent 2 day event which was very well organised and hosted by the PSSA with credit for this going to Paul Jeffrey and his team at the PSSA.

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