Speedblade gates at "Square One" business center – installation case

Speedblade gates in Square One

Here is another example of prestigious installation of TiSO Speedblade turnstiles in Square One business center – one of the most luxurious business centers in Riyadh, KSA.

Entrance group to this building consist of 3 passage lanes, an optimal number of walkways to enable smooth pedestrian flow during rush hours when all employees come in and out of the building.

One of 3 passages of Speedblade has 900 mm width which allows for people with special needs to get through turnstile comfortably.

Square One


The Square One was built and developed to create and establish a new refined meaning of business where history can be made. The Square One provides various benefits that will enhance organization performance by delivering optimal experiences.

The Square One mission is to facilitate their tenants at the best standard where it offers substantial architect designs, internal and external.

Positioning Square One to become one of the top Business Center in the Business World.


Speedblade turnstiles are equipped with anti-tailgating function, which enables to ensure that not more than one person will pass after single authorization.

Light indication sign on top lid of turnstile gives a signal about status of the gate: a red indication means that passage is prohibited or the passage mode is violated; green light means that passage is allowed, blue light indicates a standby mode.

The interior of “Square One" business center is elegant and luxurious, and speed gates by TiSO perfectly match the design of the modern business center. The gloss of Speedblade’s stainless steel housing accentuates the overall gloss of wall and floor surfaces and also glass top lids of Speedblade perfectly blends with glass furniture surface of the building.



Speedblade, BC Square One, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Speedblade, BC Square One, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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