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Aqua park in Rostov-na-Donu city, Russia, with 20 pools, 10 baths, 8 slides – this is a ambitious project with many original engineering solutions, and also careful attention to access control system.

Access of visitors, who want to have fun in the water park, is controlled by 4 Sweeper turnstiles and two-pass version of Cyclone.

Cyclone turnstile is installed directly close to water zone. Its housing guarantees trouble-free operation even in high humidity and touches of wet hands. Withal, elegant Sweeper turnstile with lit of side panels, beautify the entrance to shopping part of this large shopping and entertainment center.

Significantly, that barriers by TiSO were chosen by our Russian partners after their personal visit to our production site.

Sweeper, Aqua park «H2O», Russia
Sweeper, Aqua park «H2O», Russia
Cyclone, Aqua park «H2O», Russia
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