Sweeper, Twix-M and Gate-GS at Expo - 2020

Turnstiles Sweeper, tripod turnstiles Twix-M and swing Gate-GS at Expo-2020

Location: Headquarters of the World Expo - 2020 (Dubai, UAE).

Solutions: Sweeper, Twix-M turnstiles and Gate-GS swing gates.

World exhibition Expo-2020


EXPO-2020 - the most prestigious image exhibition events in the world, where the participating countries demonstrate the uniqueness of their cultures and national identity, their economic, scientific and technical potential.
The World Exhibition "Expo" will take place in Dubai (UAE), which will become the largest exhibition event in the world. The exhibition will focus on finding ways to connect, collaborate and form new partnerships to develop innovation and new ideas to create a better future.
According to preliminary data, this event will be attended by about 25 million people from 180 countries. The official site for the exhibition pavilion will be the new Dubai Trade Center with an area of 438 hectares, including an exhibition area of 150 hectares, an elevated metro station, a shopping center, residential, logistics and hotel facilities.

* on the photo is Ukrainian pavilion at EXPO-2020


Two in One: Access control and stylish interior element

A line of turnstiles at the entrance to any room is the first thing a visitor sees. And the first interaction on a visit has a key influence on the overall experience of the visit. Therefore, it is important that the turnstiles are both functional and stylish. Nowadays it is not enough to endow an architectural unit (turnstile) with basic characteristics, but it is also important how organically it fits into the interior. Especially when we are talking about an object of such great level as Expo 2020 (Dubai, UAE). TiSO turnstiles were chosen for installation in headquarters and in administrative buildings precisely because of their elegant and futuristic design, as well as because of effective access control functions.

TiSO is a unique supplier of access control systems for Expo-2020

First phase

The first stage was installation of Sweeper speed gates and Gate-GS swing gate at the Expo - 2020 headquarters. The speed gates were branded with the well-recognized Expo - 2020 logo, thanks to which they harmoniously complement the interior of the lobby.

Sweeper speed gates, Expo-2020
Sweeper, Expo-2020
Sweeper, World exhibition Expo-2020

Access to the premises through TiSO speed gates is allowed only to a limited number of people by scanning special cards. Later, the functionality of the turnstile was expanded, and it became possible for other persons to visit the headquarters, but only after preliminary registration and obtaining a special entrance ticket.

In addition, the control of speed gates and wickets is carried out by security guards using remote controls. Thus, guards can:
- block access in one or two directions
- open free passage in one or two directions
- provide a single or multiple free passages
- activate the anti-panic function, which means completely open the passage in case of an emergency, so that people quickly and easily leave the building.

Second phase

The next step in supplying Expo - 2020 with access control systems was the installation of Twix-M tripod turnstiles at the entrance to the food area and at the side entrances to the administrative building. Tripod series turnstiles are always a good solution for areas with heavy traffic. Since the mechanism of such turnstiles is designed for millions cycles (MTBF). Twix-M turnstiles are equipped with an anti-panic function that lowers the turnstile arm in case of an emergency so that people can quickly and safely leave the premises.

Twix-M tripod turnstiles, Expo-2020
Twix-M, Expo-2020 headquarters

Third phase

Sweeper and Twix-M at World exhibition EXPO-2020

After the completion of the construction of another administrative building, the issue of installing turnstiles was updated. As TiSO has established itself as a reliable manufacturer with a great product, Expo - 2020 turned to us again. And another line of Twix-M turnstiles was installed in the new building. During the exhibition, journalists as well as police will be based in this building. Accordingly, a limited number of persons who will have cards will have access.

Fourth phase

The last stage was the installation of Sweeper speed gate with preparation for the installation of face recognition systems. Access to the premises through the turnstiles is possible only after identification by biometric characteristics. Such access is one of the most reliable, since it completely excludes unauthorized access by unauthorized persons.

EXPO - 2020 - Iconic project

The exhibition will open its doors to millions of visitors from all over the world only in the autumn 2021. But presidents and kings of many states of the world have already been able to evaluate our turnstiles at the Expo - 2020 facility. As far as they were visiting the exhibition for the purpose of a diplomatic visit.

It should be noted that TiSO turnstiles and speed gates are installed in the administrative buildings of Expo - 2020, while volunteers will control access to the exhibition area and some pavilions.

Over the years in the physical security market, we have produced over 30,000 installations worldwide. Each object is special and significant for us. And now one of them is the EXPO - 2020 project. We are aware that the requirements for the contractors of the World Expo are very high and we are proud that we were able to meet them. The UAE chose the exhibition topic “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” with the sub-topics “Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity”. And we believe that this is very symbolic, since we at TiSO have similar principles in our work.

Products installed


Twix-M tripod turnstiles

Key features:

- Bi-directional motorized tripod turnstile with panic / bar drop function;
- High quality at a cost-effective price;
- Integration with any type of access control and ID systems;
- Low power consumption;
- Panic / bar drop function with automatic reset;
- Whisper quiet, low noise operation;
- Optional indoor or outdoor housing types;
- Wide range of accessories;
- Availability of a backup battery connection;
- Any additional devices could be integrated (e.g. passage counter, RFID/Proximity/BioMetric readers, coin acceptor, push-button, barcode and QR-code reader).

datasheet of Twix-M tripod turnstiles     read more about Twix-M


Sweeper speed gates

Key features:

- Sweeper equipped with sensors that allow to detect tailgating;
- Successful combination of affordable price and high quality;
- Customized surface finish and top lid;
- Steadfast housing suitable for high traffic areas;
- Solution for disabled and trolley access;
- Can be integrated with any type of access control systems;
- Low power consumption;
- Low noise system operation;
- Can be mounted on a mobile platform (TiSO Frame-M);
- Any additional devices could be integrated (e.g. passage counter, RFID/Proximity/BioMetric readers, coin acceptor,push-button, barcode and QR-code reader).

Datasheet of Sweeper (top and bottom glass holders)     read more about Sweeper speed gates


Gate-GS swing gates

Key features:

- Motorized;
- Bi-directional;
- High quality at a cost-effective price;
- Integration with any type of access control and ID systems;
- Low power consumption;
- Whisper quiet, low noise operation;
- Possibility of a barrier gate customization;
- Wide range of accessories;
- Complete supply set as a standard;
- Fail safe.

Datasheet of Gate-GS     read more about Gate-GS swing gates

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