SECURITY- 2012 Show - TiSO Turnstiles

SECURITY- 2012 Show

TiSO, member of “ТSМ Group” Corporation, annually participates in a “Security” Show, which this year was held on October 23-26. At our stand were exhibited both well-known solutions to ensure integrated security and fire safety and new advanced products of these:

- Upgraded turnstiles of Freeway type: new materials for housings, tabletops as well as shorten modification of the turnstile Jetpan;

- Brand new modifications of the turnstile Centurion: Unipod (one barrier rod), Bipod (two barrier rods);

- New road blocking systems: parking and antiramming bollards; road blocking with minimum embedding depth (180 mm); speed bump with blocking function; as well as mechanical system “Tyre-killer”.

This year special attention has been also paid to banking security. On October 25 all events within the frame of the show were devoted to security of bank sector. The “ТSМ Group” Corporation also took part in these events. Mikhail Nikolaevich Smirnov, Vice-President on technical issues, made the report “Automated security equipment systems”.

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