Intersec 2012 show summary - TiSO Turnstiles

Intersec 2012 show summary

January 15-17 of year 2012 was marked in the memory of TiSO staff as the first firm step towards The Middle East market.

The company Top Management was proud to present brand new products as separate items as well as integral parts of complex solutions. Aimed at seamless installation and easy use the TiSO turnstiles were admitted by enormous quantity of prospective clients as well as some of end users, seeking for reliable and cost effective products.

Fresh line of FreeWay turnstiles proved to be a new and easy way to solve the issue of securing pass ways to office centers, administrative buildings, metro entrances and exits. Its undemanding installation and friendly set up attracted local installers as affordable equipment for the majority of projects.

As the mainline of production the Full height turnstiles were presented in form factors of SESAME TWIN and GlassGO and Sesame.

Clear and definite design embodied in brushed stainless steel won the visitors attention from the first glimpse. The mind-blowing AIR-LOCK function kept dozens of people touched by simple and at the same time functional mechanism feature.

New series of horn turnstiles was greeted with sigh of relief, due to its competitive price and eye-catching design, in particular the unrivalled motorized horn turnstiles finding its application in lots of places where smooth and controlled access is needed.

Along with the hardware freshly developed ACS (S’TERN) stuffed with monitoring-control and report generating applications, including time attendance feature and fire alarm signal programmable inputs, enabling quick fail safe for evacuation.

To sum it all up, I would like to thank all the people coming to our stand for their interest in security products. We keep on working on improving our products to reach clients respect and satisfaction, since buyer’s success - is our pride.

With all respect and best regards to those who are devotedly in security industry.

Maksym Skhab
Export Dept Manager
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  • Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (67) 553-32-88


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