The Exhibition "IFSEC-2011" in Birmingham - TiSO Turnstiles

The Exhibition "IFSEC-2011" in Birmingham

The regular 35th International Security Exhibition IFSEC was held on May 16-19, 2011, in Birmingham, UK. IFSEC is the most significant world event in the field of security, where the best security manufacturers can be found. For the last 20 years this Security Exhibition has become a forum of demonstration of principle branches of security systems and trends of their progress.
In the last three years the IFSEC Security Exhibition promoters have provided a separate exhibition hall for the branch “Physical Protection System”. Thus it has become apparent that electronic security equipment is none other than detection, fixation and warning devices. Whereas Intrusion Prevention System is basic equipment to protect any site! Growing demand for physical protection equipment and systems is dramatic confirmation of this.
Regulations and standards on protection and security of sites, accepted in many countries, prove that in the coming years application of "physical barriers" will rapidly grow.
Taking active part in the sixth successive security show, the company "TiSO" has proved its reliability as supplier of turnstiles and intrusion prevention systems to the worldwide market.
After 1,5 years of testing we have brought to market new servo-controlled turnstiles, antiramming systems, road barriers etc.
Attention paid to our stand by visitors from different regions of the world, interesting contacts, new contracts justify the right direction selected by the company "TiSO".
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