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TiSO at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023

We are pleased to express our sincere appreciation to each one of you who visited our booth at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023. Your presence made this event truly remarkable, and we are grateful for your unwavering support.

TiSO's participation in the exhibition was not only a demonstration of our innovative security solutions, but also an opportunity to communicate with industry leaders, experts and visionaries. Together, we explored the latest advances in security technology and shared our passion for innovation in the fields of perimeter protection and access control.

At TiSO’s booth, we proudly presented an impressive line of advanced solutions:

SLIDE Speed Gate: revolutionary access control combined with an elegant design and exceptional operation efficiency.

SWEEPER Speed Gate: provides site security with fast and efficient access control.

SPEEDBLADE Speed Gate: the embodiment of style and security, providing modern access control.

PAS68/IWA14-1 (7,5T@80KPH) Ultra Shallow Road Blocker: recognized as the perfect equipment for high-level perimeter security.

Automatic Tire Killer: the best protection against unauthorized access.

Even more TiSO models you may find in our catalogue by the link! You will definitely find the right equipment for your project.

TiSO at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023

Your enthusiasm and interest in our products prove our shared commitment to improving the security of people around the world. We believe that by working together, we can create a safer world for everyone.

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation, following the idea of creating accessible innovation for all.

TiSO at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023

Thank you once again for being there during the whole exhibition. Together, we are not just observers; we are actively shaping the future right now. So let's continue this exciting journey of progress and transformation together.

With heartfelt appreciation,

TiSO team

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