In the modern world, security and access control are becoming increasingly important aspects for various types of buildings and facilities. One of the most effective and popular control measures is the use of full height access turnstiles. In this article, we'll take a look at full-height TiSO turnstiles for the entrance hall and their advantages.

Full-height turnstiles are a reliable and effective solution for access control for facilities where increased safety measures are required. They consist of vertical barriers that rotate when a person passes through them. This mechanism ensures smooth movement of access systems and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized passage.



Full-height turnstiles are used to control access at various facilities, such as business centers, airports, exhibition centers, stadiums and other public places. They allow you to effectively manage the flow of people, verify their legitimacy, and prevent unauthorized entry or exit.

Advantages of purchasing these turnstiles from TiSO:

• High quality and reliability: TiSO turnstiles are known for their high quality manufacturing and reliability. They are manufactured using durable materials, which ensure their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

• Functionality and flexibility: Full height turnstiles from TiSO can be customized to meet specific customer needs. They support various identification methods, including access card reading, biometric systems, QR codes, and others. In addition, they can be integrated with access control and video monitoring systems.

• Aesthetic design: TiSO turnstiles have a modern and aesthetic design that fits well into any interior. They are available in various colors and variations, which allows you to choose the best option for specific requirements and style of the object.

If you are looking for reliable and functional full-height turnstiles for the entrance hall, TiSO is the best choice. They offer a wide range of turnstiles with various functionalities that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Contact our managers for more information, advice and assistance in finding the best solution for your project.

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