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TiSO presents 3 new turnstiles of the Speed gates series: Sweeper-S-HG, Sweeper-W and Sweeper-G.

The new turnstiles are based on our bestsellers Sweeper and Sweeper-S.


Sweeper-S-HG has 1500 mm full-height swing leaves, which guarantees a high level of security, excludes the possibility of unauthorized passage and makes it impossible to jump over the turnstile. The use of impact-resistant tempered glass guarantees safety and gives a sophisticated modern look.

 The new Speed gate series turnstile as always has a futuristic and elegant design, which is ideal for business centers, hotels and other places with a fashionable interior.


The BMDrive® mechanism with a powerful BLDC gear motor ensures a long-term maintenance-free operation. The turnstile is also equipped with the ToothLock® anti-vandalism system and a self-diagnostic program that records all failures and problems in the BMDrive® mechanism.

Sweeper-W and Sweeper-G

Both speed gates are made on the basis of our bestseller Sweeper. They retained its futuristic and elegant design, and have received several features.

Sweeper-G is equipped with one barrier panel made of tempered glass. This makes the model more compact and allows you to put more turnstiles at the entrance, providing a greater flow of people.


Sweeper-W is designed with a larger passage width. 1200 mm of the passage, will provide a comfortable passage even with large-sized goods.

Thanks to the fast and durable leaf locking system ToothLock® the turnstiles operate in two modes HiSecurity and LowNoise, which ensures fast, quiet and reliable functioning of the turnstile for a long time.  

We hope you are interested in our new products. You can find out more information about them on the product page, on the website, or by contacting our managers by mail, phone, or by fill in the form at our website.


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