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Store turnstiles have a very wide range of applications that can increase sales, improve security and bring many benefits to the retail business.

The main task of a turnstile in shopping areas is to organize the movement of customers in a certain direction at the entrance and exit. This is required for comfortable movement in stores and avoiding creating a jam in the exit and entry areas.

The turnstile also gives more time for store security to detect and stop a thief, preventing theft.

The turnstiles are also used for marketing purposes, in order to detain a potential customer in the sales area. The turnstile slows down the process of leaving the store, thus increasing the chance that a person will buy something.

Often, turnstiles in stores are set up so that they open to one side. A person cannot exit immediately after entering, he will need to walk through the entire store to the exit, these meters in marketing are called "hot zones" where a variety of products are represented.

Several types of turnstiles may be suitable for stores: half height turnstiles and swing gate turnstiles.

Half Height turnstiles

This type of turnstiles is suitable for small sales areas without large shopping carts. This turnstile type is a half height turnstile with barrier swing panels, which rotate around a vertical axis. The swing panels are made of stainless steel or tempered glass. The steel swing panels are more durable and resistant to vandalism, while the tempered glass has a more sophisticated design. This type of turnstile has high reliability and is able to serve for many years without failures.

Swing Gates turnstile

This turnstile is ideal for stores with large sales areas. A characteristic feature of large stores is large shopping carts. Because of them it is not reasonable to install half height turnstiles, or turnstiles of other types, the customer must be able to freely enter and exit the store with the shopping cart. The swing gate turnstile is the best to handle this task.

The turnstile consists of a vertical half-height axis and a swing panel that opens 90 degrees in the specified direction. Turnstile swing panels are made of stainless steel or tempered glass, and the opening mechanism may be mechanical or automatic. The turnstile has high reliability and is able to serve for many years without failure.


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