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Before buying a turnstiles, many businesses do not understand what type of turnstiles they need. This is understandable, because there are a lot of types of turnstiles and speed gates for every taste and color on the market.

Full-height, half-height, speed gates with sensors, double, single - it's really easy to get lost in this one. And when choosing a suitable turnstiles you need to take into account several factors: indoor or outdoor installation, the required level of security, design preferences, budget, characteristics and capabilities of the turnstile.

Fortunately, TiSO has been in the market of autonomous access systems for 26 years, and we have more than enough competence to tell you about the types of turnstiles, their differences, and help you decide what kind of turnstile you should buy.

Turnstiles with increased security level

Full height speed gates are best suited for businesses that require an increased level of security and control over the area.

This type of turnstile is a barrier bar around the perimeter of the passage, which rotates around a vertical axis. In addition to the increased security of the facility, the full height turnstile does not require the presence of a security representative, because the turnstile eliminates the possibility of crawling or jumping over it.

The turnstile can be installed both indoors and outdoors, stainless steel will protect the swing gate from corrosion. A double full-height turnstile can be installed to increase man-turnover.

Speed gates for modern interiors

Speed gates are best suited for modern interiors. They have a futuristic design, for example our bestseller "Speedblade", which will suit perfectly for hotels, business centers and other companies that need to impress people from the very entrance.

The speed gates pass system is represented by a swing or sliding gate that opens once the pass is applied. Sensors make sure that more than one person does not pass at a time, or prevent unauthorized entry.

Speed gates can only be installed indoors and can pass up to 50 people per minute, which is just perfect for places with a large flow of people.

Turnstiles for factories

Half-height turnstiles are great for access control for plants. This type of turnstiles is great for tracking employee attendance at workplaces.

Most often, the half-height turnstiles is represented by the tripod type. This type of turnstile has a hub with three barrier arms. Such a mechanism has a large safety margin and can work for many years in extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors.

TiSO understands that each client needs individual solutions. There are many unobvious factors that you need to pay attention to. It is very difficult to choose the solutions that will perfectly suit your situation on your own. You can always ask your questions to our specialists by mail or by phone here.

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