Annual IFSEC International show has passed in London, June 16-18 2015. And as usually, TiSO Company was presented on this significant event among other world leading manufacturers of physical-security equipment.


It was a first time, when we presented special system for airports which is perfect for self-check-in on the flight or passport (migration) control with biometric passport. This turnstile can be tailored upon client’s request: full-height or waist-height wings can be installed in any order, and special space designed inside the turnstile housing allows installation of any additional equipment.
The second identification type was demonstrated as face-recognition, but the choice of recognition (identification) devices is always up to the customer.
Rest of our equipment also hasn’t remained without visitor’s attention:
Sweeper turnstile
Upgraded tripod-turnstiles Twix and Centurion
Our new model – Bastion turnstile
Sesame full-height turnstile with warranty for 20 000 000 passes.
Speed Bump road-blocker with integrated hydraulic station and protective curtain (with installation on road surface)
Anti-ram K4-class blocker with separate hydraulic station and hydro-accumulator for emergency lifting and autonomous operation
Parking bollard with integrated hydraulic station with pressure detector
Very important place on our booth was dedicated to fire-resistant doors of own production, which successfully has passed certification tests in UL laboratory.
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