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Onyx Series is brand new turnstiles in TiSO range

We look forward to customer feedback to the brand new tripod turnstiles in our range. New models are so different from the majority on the market that we decided to separate them into individual line – Onyx Series.
Since July 2021, two models from the line are available for order: Onyx-S and Onyx-М.


Among the main advantages of the Onyx series are:

- stylish house design.
Most of us are used to thinking of tripod turnstiles, first of all, as a functional product and the requirements for their design are secondary. But about Onyx Series there is different story, because of tilted toplid and the unusual form of the LED indication give to the new turnstiles a futuristic look.

- servo-driven mechanism and “anti-panic” function.
Onyx series turnstiles have a powerful two side servo-drive mechanism with a strong locking system. The turnstile is also equipped with an automatic anti-panic system, which lowers the turnstile pod so that people can quickly leave the danger zone. After the end of the alarm mode, pods return to their original position automatically.

- dynamic LED indication.
The Onyx series turnstiles can be indicated either static (constant light) or dynamic (characteristic blinking of LED lamps). The indication characterizes three statuses of the turnstile: passage permitted / prohibited and standby mode.

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