Sweeper speed gates at Education city stadium of Qatar


Location: Education City Stadium at Qatar Foundation's Education City

Solutions: Twix tripod turnstiles; Gate-GS swing gates; Sweeper speed gates


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Education City Stadium, is a football stadium which is located in Al Rayyan, Qatar, and was built as a venue for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. The stadium is located within several university campuses at the Qatar Foundation's Education City. Following the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will retain 25,000 seats for use by university athletic teams. With 20 percent of its building materials identified as green, the stadium is among the world's most environmentally sustainable stadiums. In May 2019, Education City Stadium received a five-star GSAS rating.
The build contractor is JPAC JV, who appointed Pattern Design as the lead design architect, and Buro Happold for the engineering design.
Construction of the stadium was completed in June 2020 and it officially opened on 15 June 2020.


For the sake of people, their safety and comfort

Border area

The holding of mass sports and cultural events obliges the stadium administrations to take the safety of people as responsibly as possible. Such locations are often the object of riots and unrest. Stadium security is a whole complex of measures that should work as one mechanism. And the security of the entrance lobbies at the stadium is one of the most important elements of the security system and requires a special approach. An effective way to organize the entrance area is to install turnstiles. In addition to the security function, the turnstiles should provide a comfortable passage for visitors to the stadium territory, and should not become an obstacle in case of forced evacuation.

TISO solutions for security and control of traffic flow of stadium

The main entrance to the stadium stands is equipped with a line of Twix tripod turnstiles. This model of a half-height turnstile is perfect for the tasks that are solved by the entrance lobby at stadiums. Working on the Education City Stadium project, we, as a manufacturer, had the task of providing the best solution for controlling the access of a large number of people at a time. Recall that the stadium has a capacity of 25,000. Thus, when holding large-scale events like World Cup 2022, the load on the stadium's entrance is colossal. Our task was to offer a turnstile that will withstand such intensive work and at the same time will harmoniously fit into the design of the stadium. The decision was made almost unanimously Twix. This tripod turnstile mean time to failure - at least 1,500,000 accesses. The turnstile leashes rotate very quickly, so crowding at the entrance is excluded. The robust body of the Twix turnstile is made of stainless steel.

The turnstile is also integrated with the access control system.

On the entrance side, Twix turnstiles are equipped with QR and bar-code readers, that is, the entrance to the stadium can be done by scanning a ticket. The same as by using a card or bluetooth. On the other side, at the exit, there are a key switch and a push button. During large mass events, stewards are at the entrance to the stadium to help control access to the exit. When the event ends, the turnstiles open to a free exit.

Each line of turnstiles ends with a dummy housing is an imitation of the "empty" housing of the Twix turnstile. Thus, the entrance group consisting of tripod turnstiles looks complete and holistic.

Twix turnstiles are installed under partial cover and are mainly exposed to external conditions. Therefore, Twix turnstiles have IP65. We always take into account the external conditions of the installation of our equipment. For example, knowing about the frequent dust storms in Qatar, we have strengthened the protection of our turnstiles from small particles that could damage the turnstile.


Twix turnstiles, Education City Stadium, Qatar, WC 2022
Twix, Education City stadium, Doha, Qatar

Speed gates VIP entrance on stadium.

The safety of visitors to the stadium comes first. In case of evacuation, the leashes of the Twix-M turnstile are automatically lowered, so that people can quickly evacuate. An automatic wicket Gate-GS is installed next to the Twix-M turnstile line. This solution makes it possible to organize a passage for people in wheelchairs.

Access to the VIP stands is through the Sweeper turnstiles. Such speed gates perfectly underline the status of the location where they are installed. Moreover, its external characteristics are in no way inferior to the functionality that they implement. We mean that Sweeper perfectly performs functions of restricting access to unauthorized persons; traffic control; authorization of visitors. The turnstile flaps work very quickly, thus eliminating queues at the entrance.

The speed gates have been successfully integrated with QR and barcode readers, bluetooth and card readers for entrance, and key switch and push button for exit. Gate-GS swing gate is controlled manually by the stewards, who are located near the entrance group of the turnstiles throughout the entire event.


Sweeper and Gate-GS, Education City Stadium, Doha, Qatar
Speed gates Sweeper, Education City stadium, Doha, Qatar
Integration with QR and barcode readers, bluetooth and card readers for entrance at Education City stadium

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