Great Intersec 2020 (Dubai,UAE) exhibition - TiSO Turnstiles

We’d like to express our gratitude for your interest to TiSO brand during the Interestec-2020 exhibition, which was held on January 19-21. We appreciate your attention and sincere inquiry to our turnstiles and road blockers. We notice that more and more people visit our booth every year. It gives us motivation to grow, develop, and become better. We hear your flattering feedback about cooperation experience with our team, and this greatly inspires us to new achievements.

We also appreciate collaboration with our partners - Nedap Mace and Idemia.

Together with Nedap, we have integrated their Mace QR reader for identifying people at the entrance group by using a QR code in addition to usual proximity card.

Sweeper-S, Intersec 2020


Sweeper-S, Intersec 2020 exhibition


Additionally we’ve integrated Idemia's MorphoWave Compact with the Sweeper speed gate. Morphowave Compact acquires fingers in 3D, which allows just to wave the hand over the sensor to pass identification. This ergonomic touchless solution delivers an unmatched combination of security, convenience and throughput.

Sweeper, Intersec 2020


Sweeper, Intersec 2020 exhibition


Both these integrations were just a small example of our wide possibilities to make a bespoke and elegant integration of third-party devices. To find out more about different options, don’t hesitate to contact with our sales representatives.

We look forward to seeing you again at the upcoming Intertraffic Amsterdam 2020 and Security Essen 2020 exhibitions.

Sesame, INTERSEC 2020


Twix-M, INTERSEC 2020


High security Road Blocker and Bollards, INTERSEC 2020 exhibition

Road Blocker and Bollards

Speedblade, INTERSEC 2020


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