IFSEC-2017 - TiSO Turnstiles


Tens thousands of people from all over the world have become participants in a remarkable event on the physical security market. The international exhibition IFSEC was held in ExCel (London, Great Britain) from June 20th to 22nd. This event attracted thousands of exhibitors, tens thousands of visitors and hundreds thousands of security solutions under the one roof. Being in the very heart of the European security market, TiSO presented a number of products on the booth, designed to provide pedestrian access control, and vehicle access security. The latest developments of TiSO engineers has generated great exhibition visitor’s interest.

It should be noted that TiSO company presented the world's first certified anti-ram road blocker from Speedbump series ( with above the ground installation). The automatic road blocker from Speedbump series is certified according to the international standards ASTM F2656 / F2656M-15, M30, P1 (-0.67m) and IWA 14-1, Blocker V / 7200 [N2B] /48/90:0.25. This device is in great demand due to the strong construction features and high anti-ram protection.
Despite the small dimensions, the road blocker from Cyclope series provides high level protection of the territory. It has been confirmed by the fact of successful crash-test passing and receiving international certificates ASTM F2656 / F2656M-15, M40, P1 (-1.7m) and IWA 14-1, Blocker V / 7200 [N2B] /64/90:0.2.
TiSO is the only one company on the physical security market that manufactures such a wide range of bollards in various modifications. The model range is represented by automatic (hydraulic), semi-automatic, fixed and removable bollards. All TiSO booth visitors had an opportunity to independently test the work of each model.
Semi-automatic parking bollards
parking bollards
Submersible parking bollard (manual)
Submersible parking
bollard (manual)
Removable parking bollard (on the pin)
parking bollard (on the pin)
Submersible parking bollard (raised/lowered by the screw pair)
Submersible parking bollard
(raised/lowered by the screw pair)
Anti-ram fixed bollard (mounting with reinforcing cage)
Anti-ram fixed bollard
(mounting with reinforcing cage)
Partly submersible parking bollard
Partly submersible
parking bollard
Semi-automatic parking bollards
parking bollards
The automatic boom barriers of the Optimus series are equipped with a high-tech mechanism and have an arm length up to 9 meters.

Constant showpiece at international exhibitions are tripods turnstiles Galaxy, Twix, Bastion and full-height turnstile Sesame.
Widely known model among the Freeway series is Speedblade (with a standard passage width 500 mm and 900 mm – for people with special needs, baby carriages and carrying large items). Another one model is JetPan turnstile with a standard passage of 500 mm. Also, modification of the JetPan with a passage of 900 mm is available (the design of this model allows to integrate TV screens , advertising banners, etc).
The turnstile with high transparent glass - Sweeper-HG provides high secure of the protected area due to the wings 1800 mm high.
An elegant addition to Freeway series is Sweeper-S turnstile. The main advantage of this model is a very narrow housing - 110 mm. Such a compact design allows to install the turnstile in areas with limited space.
An automatic swing Gate-GS Slim post diameter is only 101 mm. The gate is equipped with a 3 color LED indication and can provide a pass width up to 1000 mm.
TiSO fire-resistant metal doors certified in accordance to international certificates such as Conformité Européenne (CE), Certificate of Compliance (UL), The International Quality Certificate (ISO).
TiSO team would like to express high appreciation for everybody who visited our booth, and looking forwards to new contacts, business and meetings at upcoming events all over the world!

Sincerely yours,

TiSO team

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