INTERSEC-2017 - TiSO Turnstiles


Intersec-2017 – home for innovations and leading security professionals. Last show has once again proven its status as the leading place to meet market-leaders from both sides: manufacturers and customers. TiSO has occupied the very center of physical security area at the exhibition, and huge interest to us, was the best indicator that we are moving in right direction and strengthening our position at the market day by day.
Customers from all over the world had a chance to see a lot of our new products, as well as to meet upgraded ones. And as usually exhibition was a comfortable place to have fruitful discussions with our existing TiSO distributors from different countries.
Due to big-enough size of a booth, we had a plenty of space to show basically all of our products: waist-height turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, gates, road-barriers, anti-ram solutions, parking system, revolving door and fire-resistant doors.
We’d like to emphasize your attention on “hits” of our booth: Slim-Gate – luxury swing gate, which diameter is only 10 cm. Superb LED indication makes it astonish solution for any lobby.
Gate-TTS – best solution, when exact required passage width is not known during the order. Metal “flag” can be easily adjusted from 650 mm to 1000 mm.
Sweeper-S – mind-blowing version of our well-known Sweeper turnstile. One of the slimmest turnstiles of such type at the market. Clear passage is up to 1 meter, with cabinet width only 120 mm. And very important – even middle (double-sided) version has same dimensions!
Upgraded tripods – now all our motorized (servo-driven) turnstiles with drop-arm functions, are coming with top glass cover, LED-indicator and space for card-reader inside.
Special “all-welded” Sesame full-height turnstile, with extra emergency gate, and all is installed on solid metal platform. This is ideal solution for any constructional site, or where temporary access control is needed. Whole system can be relocated with crane, or by forklift.
Sesame with emergency gate
Special “all-welded” Sesame with extra emergency gate
M30 (K4) certified SpeedBump was a gem among our road-blocking equipment. This is state-of-art engineering solution – one of the most compact anti-ram blockers at the market. Surface mounted! 500 mm blocking height! P1 penetration (-0.67 m)!
If customer prefer to work with shallow-mounted version – this is not a problem for TiSO M30 (K4) and M50 (K12) certified anti-ram blockers are also available for order.
Really unique type of road-blocker – is TiSO Cyclope series. Both “parking” and M40 (K8) certified blockers are available. These are very efficient shallow-mounted blockers, with same features as well-known bollards. In the same time, you saving significant amounts on excavation works and maintenance, as installation depth is only 250-600 mm depending on model.
Fire-doors, as usually were popular product on our booth, as our UL-listed 60 minutes metal fire-doors are one of the best choice at the market.
Jetpan for disabled (900 mm)
Jetpan for disabled (900 mm)
Parking systems
Parking systems
Revolving door Freedom
Revolving door Freedom
TiSO team would like to express high appreciation for everybody who visited our booth, and looking forwards to new contacts, business and meetings at upcoming events all over the world!

Sincerely yours,

TiSO team

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