ESSEN 2016 - TiSO Turnstiles

ESSEN 2016

Dear partners!
Security Essen 2016 gathered 1,040 exhibitors from around 45 countries, and TiSO Group of Companies was among companies who presented its physical security equipment.
Organizing body of the exhibition expected to have about 40,000 visitors who purchased their tickets before actual Exhibition has started and even more visitors were expected to come during 4 days of Exhibition which took place from 27 Sep.-30 Sep.
TiSO has put a lot of efforts to plan and to construct a well-organized and attractive looking booth, where all new & recently developed models were displayed.
Among fresh releases were:
Sweeper Super Slim, ESSEN 2016
Sweeper Super Slim
SpeedBlade (500 mm and 900 mm)
SpeedBlade (500 mm and 900 mm)
Jetpan (900 mm), ESSEN 2016
Jetpan (for disabled)
Slim gate-GS 900, ESSEN 2016
Slim Gate-GS 900
Gate-TTS, ESSEN 2016
Twix All-In-One, ESSEN 2016
Twix All-In-One
Twix Twim, ESSEN 2016
Twix Twin
Revolving door, ESSEN 2016
Revolving Door
Mechanical One Way<br />Full-height turnstile, ESSEN 2016
Mechanical One Way Full-height turnstile
Anti-ram Cyclope, ESSEN 2016
Anti-ram Cyclope
Parking Cyclope, ESSEN 2016
Parking Cyclope
Parking Systems, ESSEN 2016
Parking Systems
As usual, TiSO has experienced a high inflow of people who showed interest in TiSO products, among those people were conference participants, VIP guests, members of various delegations and journalists.
For the first time our team was supported by our German distribution partner Electro Automation GmbH. Both companies were very impressed by the enormous interest in the presented products and see great potentials in this strategic partnership.
A lot of existing customers, long trusted partners and official distributors who came around from all over the world stopped by to discuss business issues and overall to complement on effective and mutually beneficial cooperation and we are always flattered to hear a positive and warm feedback from our partners and friends.


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