IFSEC-2016 - TiSO Turnstiles


Dear partners!
Our team would like to express our gratitude for attending “TiSO” booth at IFSEC-2016 exhibition (June 21-23). It was our pleasure to meet you in London, UK and introduce to you our physical security products.
We were delighted to share with you our best technical achievements. Hope you saw the true value of our products. “TiSO” experts have demonstrated to our visitor time-proved and brand new models of our turnstiles, reliable fire resistant doors, high-strength road blockers and easy-to-use parking systems.
The visitors of IFSEC-2016 had an opportunity to have a look at turnstile model - Sweeper. This turnstile is a combination of modern engineering solutions, reliability and affordable prices. “TiSO” team presented the new model - Sweeper Slim. It’s different from Sweeper primarily in the fact that it has thinner housing, which allows to save the limited space environment.
Sweeper, IFSEC-2016 Sweeper Slim, IFSEC-2016
Bastion and Twix are recognizable model which usually raise the interest of the old customer and new clients.
Bastion, IFSEC-2016 Twix, IFSEC-2016
We are proud to present our new turnstile – Galaxy model. It’s a combination of functional Twix and stylish Sweeper.
Galaxy, IFSEC-2016
A bright highlight of the booth was a Jetpan. Powder coated housing, which is made in the traditional colors of “TiSO”, underlines the uniqueness of this turnstile model perfectly. Build-in card-collector system allows arranging collection of cards on the exit of site, even without special human’s help
Jetpan, IFSEC-2016
Other turnstile models are SpeedBlade 500 (bestseller among the optical turnstiles) and SpeedBlade 900 (model is designed for the disable people).
SpeedBlade (500 mm) and SpeedBlade (900 mm)
Sesame turnstile fully justifies its name. Authorized access is performed by means of the card readers, remote control or manually.
The visitors of IFSEC-2016 had the opportunity to see one more full-height turnstile model – GlassGO. Servo mechanism that scrolls the shaft makes the turnstile open by a little push. Stylish glass body makes this model appropriate for any interior.
Sesame, IFSEC-2016 GlassGO, IFSEC-2016
Fire resistant doors, which are manufactured at our own high-tech production facilities and meet high international quality standards. “TiSO” is client-oriented company that’s why our customers are free to choose among the different shape and colors of the doors.
Fire resistant doors, IFSEC-2016 Fire resistant doors, IFSEC-2016
Those who are worried about the entrance safety should pay attention to the security road systems. Surface mounted Speed Bumps were presented on “TiSO” booth. The availability of ramps provides the installation without submerging the Speed Bump into the ground, and therefore no extra expenses.
The wide product range of bollards and Boom barrier were presented. We were pleased to see the huge interest to our Parking Systems. They caught the attention with its user friendly design and its affordability.
IFSEC-2016 Arm barrier, IFSEC-2016
Parking system, IFSEC-2016 Hydraulic bollard, IFSEC-2016
For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our professional team using Contacts and they will be happy to answer all your questions.
See you soon at next trade show in Essen, Germany September 27-30, 2016.


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