The Push&GO is a low cost full height turnstile designed to offer security at low cost. It allows controlled passage in one direction only, and is suitable for a variety of uses. Options such as the Extra wide 650-1500 mm passageway can accommodate additional items in most cases. Its mechanical operation allows it to operate cable free without the requirement for power or data. A version with an all welded side enclosure can add exceptional robustness making Push&Go very vandal resistant. Push&Go is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations. Gate can operate like bicycle pas together with main Rotor or separately like swing door for emergency or handicap pass. Direction of rotation can be selected during installation.

    When power goes OFF both directions are closed

  • Superb quality and simple operation at a very low cost.
  • Stable and Robust housing suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Turnstile housing can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Can be mounted on the TiSO Frame-M mobile platform.
  • Direction of rotation can be selected during installation

    Push&GO Variants
  • Left handed;
  • Right Handed.

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Unit dimensions (WxDxH), mm 2180x2000x2200 / 2980x2000x2200
Crossing capacity, pers/min 60
Passage width, mm 650/1500
Weight, kg (not more) 180
Standart housing Brushed SS AISI 304
Available housing Brushed SS AISI 316
Polished SS AISI 304
Polished SS AISI 316
Powder coated RAL
MCBF, cycles 1 500 000
Enclosure rating IP54-65*
Temperature range, °С +5 / +40
Fail safe Yes
Disabled access Yes
* first figure is standard, all other available upon request.

  • e-mail: sales@tiso.global
  • Office: 72 Yamska str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Production site: 14 Promyslova str., 02088, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (44) 291-21-11

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