Full-height turnstile Bicyclone that can be applied in a sufficiently wide range of tasks.
The basic version includes two passes: for pedestrians and bicycles. And upon demand the second part can be adapted to any specific task - like wheelchair or baby carriages.
Various configurations and models of turnstile (material and color options for housing and the angles of the rotor in its turn motorized or mechanical), allow you to choose the perfect solution for your application and your budges.

    When power goes OFF both directions are closed

  • Superb quality and operation at an affordable price.
  • Stable and Robust housing suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Can be integrated with any type of access control system.
  • Single or Bi-Directional.
  • Indoor and Outdoor versions.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation.
  • Turnstile housing can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Can be mounted on the TiSO Frame-M mobile platform.
  • Special housing design for installation by crane is available.
  • Backup battery availability 12 V, 17 А·h.

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Unit dimensions (WxLxH), mm Bicyclone - 2300x1156x2290
Bicyclone with roof* - 2300x1156x2595
Number of wings (angle) 3 (120°) / 4 (90°)
Crossing capasity, person/min 20
Passage width, mm 650
Passage width throught gate, mm 700/900**
Weight, kg (not more) 378
Standart housing Brushed AISI 304
Available housing Brushed SS AISI 316
Polished SS AISI 304
Polished SS AISI 316
Powder coated RAL
Voltage from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz
from a DC source 12 V
Maximum power consumption, W/pass 205
MCBF, cycles 1 500 000
Enclosure rating IP54-65***
Temperature range, °С +5 / +40
Fail safe Yes
Disabled access Yes
* Protective canopy or roof availably up on request
** 900 mm width available upon request
*** First figure is standard, all other available upon request

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  • Office: 72 Yamska str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Production site: 14 Promyslova str., 02088, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (44) 291-21-11

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