Occupancy control — System to control number of visitors

TiSO company are glad to introduce you our advanced solution — turnstile with occupancy control & people counter system. In order to prevent the spread of the disease governments thinking of introducing legislation to limit number of people who can be present in stores simultaneously. Therefore, we came up with turnstile solution which will enable you to control number of people coming in and out of stores daily.
In case there are more than one entrance to the shopping center, TiSO solution becomes the only possible way to control actual number of visitors inside, even if entrances located on far distance from each other. Connection between turnstiles can be wired or wireless.

  • can be used as standalone system, or additionally integrated with existing ACS system;
  • can have key-switch or master proximity card for staff entrance;
  • touch less exit button;
  • easy adjustment of allowable occupancy;
  • options for indoors and outdoors installation;
  • unlimited number of turnstiles for the entrance group, as well as an unlimited number of entrance groups on the site (shopping malls, stores etc);
  • absolute autonomy of the system, which does not require the involvement of personnel to control and count visitors;
  • high speed and accuracy of counting the number of visitors;
  • consolidated number of people at all entrance groups in the shopping mall at the same time;
  • simplicity and clarity of installation;
  • turnstiles can be installed on mobile platform;
  • integration with the virus identification system and checking the presence of a protective mask on;
  • a robust turnstile mechanism that can withstand at the high traffic areas;
  • preventing the passage of more than one person in one entry cycle;
  • autonomous anti-p

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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