Prox-T IP400

Fully functional access control panel with IP network capability in a metal housing with 5A power supply. It can be spent as an electronic board.

Control panel supports OSDP readers (for example – Prox-T SE).

Control panel can control up to four double-sided doors or up to four single-sided door and operates on any computer network – local or Internet.

Loading new access rules on-the-fly.

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

  • Характеристики
  • Works on any computer network. Ethernet 100Mbit, DHCP, DNS
  • Works in complex, dynamically changing computer networks (including the Internet), through multiple NATs. Does not require additional settings of network equipment;
  • Enhanced security when working over IP: crypto and protocol imitation resistance;
  • One RS-485 port for OSDP RF ID readers
  • 32000 identifiers
  • Length of identifier – up to 16 bytes
  • 60,000 events
  • 250 Time zones, 250 weekly schedules, 250 holidays
  • 8 EOL supervised inputs
  • 4 relays C NO NC
  • Power: 12V DC @ 160mA
  • Configuration: automatic or manual via USB
  • e-mail:
  • 14 Promyslova str., 02088, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • tel.: +380 (44) 291-21-11


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